Thankfulness In All Circumstances

I have been adding the devotional, Jesus Calling by Sarah Young, to my daily bible reading time. Many of the daily devotions surround the theme of thankfulness in all situations. March 25th’s devotion is much the same……”LET THANKFULNESS TEMPER ALL YOUR THOUGHTS. a thankful mind-set keeps you in touch with Me. I hate it when My children grumble, casually despising My sovereignty. Thankfulness is a safeguard against this deadly sin. Furthermore, a grateful attitude becomes a grid through which you perceive life. Gratitude enables you to see the Light of My Presence shining on all your circumstances. Cultivate a thankful heart, for this glorifies Me and fills you with Joy.” 1 Corinthians 10:10 – And do not grumble, as some of them did-and were killed by the destroying angel. Hebrews 12:28-29 – Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe, for our God is a consuming fire.

It’s easy to be thankful when the skies are blue, the birds are singing and everything appears to be running smoothly. But how thankful am I when my neck and shoulders are aching, I’m behind schedule and one of my car tires is flat. My pastor recently said something that got my attention, “when your eyes are on your circumstance, that is your god”. Yikes! So my husband took our car to the shop to be fixed and the shop said we needed a new tire because it had been slashed on the side wall and was not a nail in the tread like we had thought. Wow! Someone slashed our tire! How mean! Then I started to think of what I could be thankful for in this situation. First, thankful we have two cars and our family travels in a pack so we were not kept from getting to any of our events. Second, thankful God has been such a faithful provider for our family and we had the funds to purchase a new tire. Now truthfully I would have preferred to spend the tire funds on something more fun, but thankful none the less to have access to the funds. And third, God is my protector and my vindicator. No one was injured by driving with a slashed tire and I do not have to burn with anger about who would do such a thing because my Father in Heaven will take vengeance on my behalf as he sees fit. Not that I’m really looking for someone to get hurt on my behalf, but all those thankful things together allow me to let go and let it be God’s to deal with. Jesus said we would experience trouble, but do not fear because He has overcome the world. So we experienced trouble, but it did not overwhelm or overtake us because God had already gone before us and we were well taken care of. May our thankful hearts be a pleasing worship to our God Almighty. Jen


Are We All Loved and Important?


Every morning here at Christian Adventure Films we eagerly pray for the Holy Spirit to guide and direct our conversations. We look forward to opportunities to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and to encourage fellow believers to a deeper walk with Jesus Christ. On the Internet, God prepared and lead us to this conversation.

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Jan 7, 2014+2
It is very awesome that God has created each one of us with a perfect plan and purpose for our lives. If we put our hope and trust in Him, He wants to do amazing things in and through us. All praise and glory to God!

Rachel Jan 7, 2014 1
If im his masterpiece then y am I so ugly and dumb

Rachel Jan 7, 2014+1
I feel my life has no perpose

Christian Adventure Films Jan 7, 2014+4
+Rachel Hill God loves you so much that He sent His Son who willingly came to this earth so that you may have life abundantly in Him. He came to go through unthinkable torture at the hands of men so that you would have a opportunity to have a personal relationship the our God, creator of all things. He went through all this to pay the penalty for anything we have ever done wrong in our lives . Anything that goes against the way God created things to be (sin). This is how much He desires you to know and have a relationship with Him. He loves you.

God’s word tells us, That if we confess with our mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in our hearts that God raised Him from the dead we will be saved.

If we put our trust and hope in Jesus Christ and believe in Him as the Lord of our lives we will become a new creation. We must be willing to turn away from our thinking and the way we think things should be done and put our trust in Jesus.

Begin to read the Bible and see who He really is and why we are here. A good place to start is the book of John in the New Testament.

Lord, I pray that you would touch Rachel’s life in a way that she would know it is you. Help her to feel the great love you have for her and that you do have a purpose and plan for her life. Give her the desire to seek you in prayer and to read and have understanding in your word. In Jesus name, Amen.

God Bless you Rachel. Hope this helps.

Rachel Jan 7, 2014+1
+Christian Adventure Films it does thx a bunch u are a lot of help

There are so many that feel just like Rachel did that day. Thankfully God tells us in Psalm 139:14 that we are fearfully and wonderfully made and his works are good. God also tells us in Jeremiah 29:11 that He has a plan and a purpose for us. Someone might be in the midst of your sphere of influence that doesn’t feel good about themselves or that they have purpose. Let’s do our best to encourage those around us and treat them like we are very aware that they are a beautiful creation of God. God bless you all and have an amazing day being hope and a light to those in your sphere of influence today.


Read a great testimony from a family member this week and was encouraged at how good our God is in the midst of our storms.

How things seem to work itself out to be OK: I can remember back in Feb 1987, I was terminated (Fired) from a place where I spent a total of 12 years .The job wasn’t easy, but I was the Service Manager over several technicians in the HVAC industry. So, I enjoyed the prestige that the title carried , and the salary was acceptable..
One of the tech’s that I hired became anxious to take over my position, and he placed a blame on me that my boss went along with ,because he valued this person’s expertise. So, therefore, I fell out of favor and they fired me.
There were a lot of friction between the company and me that was building as the person continued a barrage of distorted lies, and false blame towards me, so it was just a matter of time when they lowered the hammer on me.
Emotionally it left me with a loss of pride, loss of wages, and a lot of fear, but I figured that I would find employment very soon after the termination. Immediately, I mailed out 100 resume’s . followed up with phone calls, later stopping off at each place I sent resume’s. Each morning I got up went to coffee shop and read the newspaper want ads and spent time going over all the available HVAC company’s in the greater bay area.
Finally as my unemployment was running out and my severance pay was gone, I suddenly realized that I could not find a JOB. I became desperate, then felt shame, fear and a feeling of being unworthy ! I was a BUM ! It became very difficult to get out of bed each morning. as depression came over me, blaming everyone ( even God) for my misfortune. I was unable to face my family, because they depended on me financially to take care of them, and I failed. !
OH God, I have failed, I am worthless, what am I to do, because I simply can not find a JOB. Oh Lord, as I started to get back towards depending on my God to keep me from going insane ! I was desperate,! 7 months without an income and no job. Jesus, please help me ! I need you, I have tried to do it on my own and I failed !
One morning I received a phone call from Scott Mechanical asking me to go to their shop for a interview. They were looking for a dispatcher to lead over 21 mechanics, and they offered me the job. It paid more and it turned out to be one of the best company’s I have worked for. It was a blessing, and it brought back my hope and thanked Jesus for standing by me once I realized that I was unable to carry the burden alone.
In my darkest hour, the Lord came to me because I submitted my life over to him. I asked and he answered.
Folks, life go’s on , and I find it bitter sweet . We can and will overcome adversity in our lifetime if we just hang on and don’t give up on ourselves or our HIGHER POWER ! Thank you, Jesus