When I took this picture by my home this week, it made me think “bloom where you’re planted”. I have had times in my life when I felt exiled, set apart, in a foreign place. Rather than fear my new surroundings or wish I was somewhere else, I needed to do my best wherever God placed me. Trust that God placed me where he wanted me, for such a time as this, to bloom where he planted me. To prosper so others around me may prosper too.

Several years ago, it was moving time. My blended family of five needed to relocate from our lovely rented home of approximately 2200 square feet. We really wanted to move into another house and even considered moving into a gated golf community. But neither my husband nor I had any peace about it. After a lot of prayer, my husband felt that we needed to downsize in order to assist us in lowering our monthly expenses. My husband felt that God wanted us to move to a two bedroom apartment. This was NOT where I wanted to move our blended family of five. I kept looking and hoping for other options but I had no peace with any other choice. I was not happy about it, but decided to be obedient and we moved our family to a two bedroom apartment.

I had determined in my mind that moving to the apartment would be for a very short time. God couldn’t have possibly meant us to stay in this situation for very long. I was not interested in getting comfortable in this new setting. I convinced myself, I would not decorate or hang up any pictures because we were not going to be there long. Or so I thought. I had a bad attitude! I was obedient and went where God directed us, but I was very grumpy about it. That lasted for about six months before I realized this was where God had me for such a time as this. I could remain grumpy and miss all that God had for me or I could join God in what he was doing.

Nothing like family coming to visit from out of town to snap me out of it. My grumpy attitude had to take a hike, it was time to decorate and make my house (insert cough here) apartment my home before family arrived. After our out of town family visited it was time to get to know my new community. I began baking pumpkin pies for my neighbors and introducing ourselves. It was time to bloom where I had been planted. We’ve been here now for about five years and had many opportunities to mourn with our neighbors, share in celebrations, pray with them and experience life with them. Instead of living in an apartment complex it’s turned into our community whom we have come to care a lot about.

Lowering our monthly expenses became a huge blessing when Scott first was off work for his shoulder injuries. On workman compensation wages we would not have survived financially had we moved to another house, let alone a gated golf community.

Within a year or so after moving here, our two young adult children and are no longer living with us. Our two bedroom apartment is just the right size for the three of us.

So it turns out God knew exactly what he was doing when he called us to move here. He knew what the financial benefits would be. He knew exactly how much room we needed. Most importantly he knew the relationships we would build in our new community. New relationships that are priceless and the best part of blooming where you are planted. Jen


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