CAF ARTICLE: Sharing the Gospel

A few months ago this beautiful calico cat walked into my outside garden area and captured my heart. I immediately told my family, “I want to pet that kitty!” This little kitty girl is very skittish so we named her Skittles. We began to woo Skittles with a food dish in the garden. Then my husband was afraid we were beginning to feed all the neighborhood stray cats including one nightly raccoon visitor. So my husband started putting the food out only when she arrived. He tried to coax her close for a pet after he put the food out, but she would have none of that. She would only go to the food dish after my husband walked away. Then he started putting the food dish on the back porch. She wasn’t thrilled with this new idea and it took a few days before she came onto the porch to eat. Then a friendly neighborhood cat, Whiskers, became friends with us and it turned out that Skittles was very fond of Whiskers. This was our in! Whiskers was more than willing to have us pet him and he would help himself into our house. Pretty soon Skittles was willing to accept our pets and would come inside for nightly shelter. After a short time it became apparent that Skittles was about to be a Mommy. So now we have a household full of love for Skittles and her six new babies. She has adapted to Motherhood well and staying inside to care for them.

This whole process of wooing Skittles made me think about telling others about Jesus. I as a believer am so excited about my own relationship with Jesus that I want others to experience Jesus too. I want to change everything that is out of alignment with God in my life and think others will want to as well. I can get a little over zealous in my approach and it may turn people off at times. For some, I may need to woo them to Jesus like we did Skittles. Skittles only took a couple of weeks. But some of those in my sphere of influence may take a lot more time. Everything is about relationship. It all starts with me continually pursuing Jesus and letting Jesus make some tweaks here and there in my life. Then I share food and/or fellowship with others sharing what Jesus is doing in my life. Being alert to not miss opportunities to show Jesus’ love by my words and actions. Allow enough opportunity to see that a relationship with Jesus can be authentic and become something that they may want for themselves.

I have to remind myself that Jesus is a gift. He doesn’t want to be a mandate. By his sacrifice on the cross he offered himself freely and freely to be accepted. I can’t make all my family and friends accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. But, I can continue my own journey with Jesus as my Lord and Savior, be transparent in sharing how, through the scriptures, Jesus has changed my life and be available when opportunities present themselves in the form of a freshly tilled heart waiting for the seeds of God. The message of Jesus Christ is good news, I want to honor it as good news whenever I share it. Jen


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