CAF ARTICLE: Build the Ministry

Amazing, it’s been ten years since God began giving Scott the vision for Christian Adventure Films. In prayer, Scott felt God clearly tell him “bring Jennifer home and build the ministry”. Over the years Scott has reviewed with God the direction for Christian Adventure Films and God often reminds him of the calling “bring Jennifer home and build the ministry”. So I have had the privilege of being a homemaker for nine years now. It’s been quite the journey as we build the ministry. Many people called into ministry become missionaries or work in the church, but God called us into a unique ministry that we are still figuring out every day. We have felt alone at times venturing out doing something that we have no idea what to do. That no one else has gone before us and already prepared a mold we can follow. This has been a ministry that we have needed to seek God daily, just the way God likes it. God has been so gracious and patient with us. Supplying what we need, when we need it. Supplying financially and encouraging us along the way. God’s timing has been so providential in this calling. He called us to make videos at the same time that YouTube was just getting started. What a bonus for us! We were starting to make reality style videos and now we had a free way to publish those videos to the public. Did I mention this was optimal since we had no budget for the ministry. Then came social media with Facebook, Google+, etc., providing more free ways to share our videos. For many years we were doing the ministry part-time, but Scott always wanted to do the ministry full time. He would spend much of his lunches and breaks from work making notes for future adventures and videos to produce. Then Scott injured his shoulders at work and felt God call him to leave his job and do the ministry full-time. This was really scary and a big leap of faith for the provider of our family to make this decision. God came through not only with financial provision for our family to make the transition, but in our church there was another family leaving the traditional work force to go into full-time ministry at God’s leading. This helped us to not feel so alone and we had another family who was experiencing the same things we were and we could encourage each other. Moving forward it was still hard for us to explain to people what we felt God was calling us to do and hard for them to understand leaving the security of the traditional work force. In prayer, other people would be praying for us to get a job, but that wasn’t what God was calling us to. Clearly most did not understand and were unable to support us. Once again, God came through with more encouragement to keep us going. We’re firm believers in God’s word and following what God says in his word, but there are a few pastors that we really enjoy listening to. Francis Chan is one of those pastors we enjoy. One time Francis Chan mentioned that K.P. Yohannan of Gospel for Asia was one of his heros. This peaked my curiosity. I wanted to know why K.P. Yohannan was his hero. A while later, through another source, there was an opportunity to receive K.P.Yohannan’s book “Revolution in World Missions” for free. Here was my chance to read about Francis Chan’s hero. A little ways into the book, bam, there was some encouragement from Francis’s hero to us. K.P. explains in this book the beginning of how God called him to start Gospel for Asia which is missionary support but not in the traditional way. Here’s an excerpt from his book we found encouraging, “Knowing that at last I found my life’s work, I eagerly rushed to share my new vision with my church leaders and executive of missionary societies. To my utter bewilderment, God seemed to have forgotten to tell anyone but me.” Scott and I could really relate and to see where K.P. is now with Gospel for Asia is really encouraging to us to keep building the ministry. It’s so easy to get caught up in wanting people to accept and like what you do. To see other ministries booming and taking off and a part of you wants to be there too. But God reminded me this morning that he called us to “build the ministry”. Not that as we grow it might not happen, but God didn’t call us to be an overnight success. He didn’t call us to be responsible for results or what may seem successful by human standards, but called us to be obedient and allow him to lead and guide our steps. He called us to build the ministry. For ten years now we’ve been faithful in building the ministry and God has been faithful to teach us, provide for us and to love us through each step of the journey. What an awesome God we serve! Jen


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