CAF ARTICLE: There’s Power in the Good News!

Now that the polling offices are closed my phone will stop ringing! Political calls have been irritating me with all the mud slinging. Mud slinging against your political opponent does not help me make an informed decision of who to vote for. Don’t call me with how bad your opponent is. Tell me how you have voted and will continue to vote on vital issues. Why should I trust you to be a leader in this nation under God.

As I was grousing about these calls, I remembered a pastor’s statement that “everyone knows what Christians hate, but do we show them what Jesus loves”. I continued to think about how I don’t like hearing what polititions hate. As a Christian do those around me hear what Jesus hates or what Jesus loves. Jesus hates sin, but his love for his brothers and sisters endures forever. Satan is our opponent and the battle is the Lord’s and Jesus already won the battle. Am I walking this journey with power and confidence that Jesus has already overcome everything I will ever face. The joy in the Lord is our strength Psalm 28:7. It should be evident in my walk that Jesus is the Lord of my life and that I know Jesus already won the battle. This is exciting news to share with others that Jesus has already won the battle against sin and the father of sin, Satan. This is great news! That I can walk this journey in boldness. The same scriptures Jesus battled Satan with I can use too. And so can other believers in Jesus Christ! Jesus has already overcome any sin you or I will battle with. We too can overcome the temptation of sin and live as overcomers because of Jesus’ power within us. That is the great news of the gospel of Jesus Christ that we want everyone to know about so they too can experience the joy in the Lord. Jen


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