CAF Article: I Want To Be An Overcomer

I’ve been reading “A Confident Heart” by Renee Swope lately. I’m about half way through. I’ve reached a section that is talking about overcoming the fear of failure. She discusses that many of us hear accusations of failure from our enemy Satan, but encourages us to not fear failure. She further encourages the process of failing forward. Through this book I’m learning that there will be times that I will fall short of my own expectations or someone else’s expectations. When I fail, I don’t want to be stuck in condemnation, but in conviction to learn how I could have done things differently or maybe how I need to remedy the situation. Renee discusses the difference between condemnation and conviction which I thought was mind opening. She explains that condemnation comes in the form of accusation, ie (you are such a bad mother, you are so selfish, ect…). However, conviction from the Holy Spirit will remind you of a failing situation, but give instruction as to how to right the wrong. I think of this as condemnation pushes you further in the pit of despair, but conviction gives you a hand of how to get out of the pit. There is such a battlefield going on in our minds that I felt that information for me was really freeing to be able to discern those thoughts more clearly. To kick out the thoughts of condemnation, but embrace the thoughts of conviction that will help me right the wrongs I get myself into.

Then last Sunday’s message in church was about break through and I had the overwhelming feeling that God was pursuing me to encourage me to be an overcomer in some issues in my life. Then Monday in my bible reading I was reading Revelation chapter 2. Here in this chapter Jesus addresses the seven churches. To each church he says something positive he sees in them and then encourages them in some areas he wants them to do better. Specifically he says to overcome. To each church he ends with “to him who overcomes” and then gives a promise that will happen when they overcome. All these experiences reminded me that God wants me to be an overcomer. It brought to mind the scripture, “If God is for us, who can be against us” Romans 8:31. I was also reminded of the scripture “Come near to God and He will come near to you” James 4:8. This last week really hit home that God is for me and as I spend time with him in prayer and his word earnestly opening my heart and soul to him He will guide, direct and bring healing to my circumstances. How precious it is that the God of the whole universe would take time out for me and be so patient and kind with me. How exciting it is to see God use several different areas in my life to bring home one major point He wants me to understand. God is good! Jen


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