What Is Christian Adventure Films?

What Is Christian Adventure Films? 2

Jesus Christ calls all followers of Him, to the great commission.  To go into all the world to share the Good News of Jesus Christ and to make disciples.  God has led Christian Adventure Films to go out into all of the world through the internet.  The world of the internet is where a lot of people spend a good deal of their time these days.  A lot of people may never step foot into a church building or even talk to someone about God outside of being behind the screen of a computer.  With this technology, God has blessed us by allowing us to have been able to make contact with people from every state in the United States of America and almost every country in the world!  It has shown to be an amazing missionary opportunity!

The internet has become a worldwide community of people sharing video and text to connect with, entertain and influence others.  Christian Adventure Films has been called to go out into this worldwide community and be active through interacting in comments on posts from people of many cultures and beliefs.  We also go out into this world through sharing our own original content.

We produce family vlogs, scripture posts, with a life application testimony, and articles.  We are also able to share teachings from trusted pastors, worship music and christian entertainment.  We have a scheduled daily post to our social media pages and also post our produced content to communities we’ve been invited to on the Google+ platform.

Through social media posts there are opportunities that God opens up to share the Gospel and have healthy conversations with people who question or doubt Christianity.  This is the going out into all the world to share the good news part.

The discipleship part comes in after making a connection. People are able to come to our pages and find teaching, scripture, worship, testimonies, and prayer.

Our vlog, we feel, is unique for ministry because of it being a living testimony of our family seeking to live lives set apart for God.  As we go out on adventures to explore God’s creation, filming the explorations allows people to see the amazing things that He has created for us.  God tells us that all men are without excuse, in believing in Him, through being able to see the things that He has created.  We also share the things that we personally see and experience God doing in our lives along the way such as answered prayers, miracles and trusts for the Lord to answer in His timing.

Through the vlog, we are able to connect with people in a lot of ways through the different areas of our lives: outdoor activities, hiking, biking, homeschooling, cats, skateboarding, crafting, parenting, and faith.   Along with producing videos, God has also opened opportunities to talk with people while being out on our adventure filming trips.

We have found that the Lord is also using Christian Adventure Films to encourage fellow believers through our variety of postings on social media.  From the beginning, Christian Adventure Films has set about to produce content that is safe and friendly for the whole family to view.

We are excited for the vision the Lord has given us to be able to have a well rounded ministry opportunity to reach those who have not yet come to know the Lord and to encourage those who have already come to know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior!

God bless!

Scott, Jennifer & Matt